Monday, August 25, 2008

A date with The Boss

Saw Bruce Springsteen Sunday night at the new (and completely amazing) Sprint Center in Kansas City.

The concert was nothing short of spectacular. Bruce performed for three hours, nonstop, and every second was practically visceral. He played only two or three of his big hits, but it really didn't matter.

Our seats were in the nosebleed section. Exactly two rows from the very top. Completely unacceptable, so we went on a mission to try to find someplace much closer. We totally lucked out and found three empty seats just a few feet from the stage, where we watched the last two hours of the concert.

Obviously, we were rocking out in our new seats.

Close enough to get this snap. It was an amazing night.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Clowning around

Belatedly, I am posting these snaps from Suzanne Tobias' 40th birthday celebration Tuesday in the newsroom, complete with a crazy clown whose act needs a little work, to put it mildly. This was certainly one of the more memorable occasions we've had recently in the newsroom.

Sparkles the Clown, beginning his "act."

Complete with a cigar and boom box.

Suzanne enjoying the festivities.

It took about 20 minutes for Sparkles to create this birthday hat for Suz.

She was a good sport.

Happy birthday, Suzanne. Thanks for letting us laugh at your expense.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

How can she be 17?

This weekend was spent in Great Bend with my mom, siblings, nephews and nieces, including Aspen, who turned 17 this year. Aspen has an amazing back story. She was born three months premature and spent the first six weeks of her life in an incubator at Wesley. She has grown into a beautiful and sweet teenager. And to think that at one time we were fearful she wouldn't even survive her entry into this world.

Aspen with her dad, Stephen, and TWO cakes.

Me and the birthday girl

This is sweet Will, who is 5 and starting kindergarten this week. He's the son of my youngest brother, Richard.

Me and my oldest brother Craig. (Actually, he's a twin, so my oldest brother really is Chris, who is 5 minutes older than Craig.)

Me and Elizabeth, another of Richard's children.

Aspen and my younger sister, Lisa.

Elizabeth and Joe (also belongs to Richard) with my mom, Mary. Pretty hot for 73, yes?

This is my 25-year-old niece, Rachel, daughter of my oldest brother, Chris. People say we look alike. It was a fantastic weekend. Thanks for sticking around, Aspen!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Journey to Sin City

I made a video of my recent trip to Las Vegas with four friends. My friend Travis says the Bellagio fountain ending is too long (he's right), but if you make it that far you might as well go all the way and see the real ending.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wedding No. 2

We attended the wedding of Amanda O'Toole last night, a friend who used to work at the Eagle.
I failed miserably at getting decent wedding shots, but this will have to do. Amanda looked stunning as she walked down the aisle with her dad.

The happy couple making their entrance to the reception.

Amanda's oldest sister, Lori Buselt, was matron of honor. Lori works at the Eagle with me.

Among the invitees: Nick and Denise.

Dale kept himself entertained at the reception by fashioning the champagne glass charms into his own special brand of jewelry.

A rare PDA from our boy.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Wedding weekend

We have two weddings to attend this weekend. Last night's actually was just a reception, as the newlyweds got married at 8:08 that morning (on 8-8-08) .

The reception was held at an art gallery space downtown. This is Dale and I on the terrace on a beautiful evening.

Dale with some young stuff.

Later we went to dinner at Sabor with David and Tess Knadler, who also were at the reception.

A group shot. More tomorrow, perhaps, from Amanda O'Toole's wedding tonight.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Curious sights

A couple of images from a recent shopping trip to Von Maur...

Maybe I lead an insulated life since I don't have kids, but this kid-sized toilet in Von Maur's "family" restroom caught me by surprise. Sorry for the lack of perspective in the photo, but this little gem is about 1 foot off the ground and tiny (but oddly cute.)

And at Von Maur, it's Halloween in August. Early August. I think I might have seen some Halloween candy in Dillon's over the weekend, too. At least it had me thinking of cooler days ahead.